Citylife Seminars

"Wow, I really believe in your methods. I will definately refer friends to you." David R, Hong Kong.


"Dear Mr Bentley, I am writing to let you know both myself and my wife were very impressed with, and greatly enjoyed, your impressive seminar yesterday in London.” Margaret and Peter

"I have also known many other Asian based friends who have purchased property in Australia sight unseen from Michael - all without any problems." Your Sincerely, Alex S.

"Bottom line is that you chose a great investment for me sight unseen & I will trust your services again in the future.” Ken

Best Agent:
"Michael, You are without doubt the best agent I have ever come across, and certainly the most honest agent I have ever dealt with. Thanks for all your help over the years" Sergio A. London, (ex- Singapore).

Open and Truthful:
"Michael, Your success all these years has been on a simple concept of truth and unselfishness towards clients, and that is why I believe all your clients appreciate and treasure you. You are open and truthful." Roy Wong Singapore

“Michael, YOUR TALK WAS GREAT! I've had your book for a a couple of months now too.” Menon, KL.

“The talk was immensely informative and I will be reading your book.”GK Lim

"Your presentation is the best that I have gone to so far after so many talks that I have attended. My only regret was I should have attended your talk few years ago!

“Its very informative, your seminar”
S Thum

“Michael, I certainly found your talk interesting and enlightening.”
P Singh

“Thanks for the informative seminar. I have learned a lot and enjoyed every single minute of it.” Michael Choy.

“Without question they are one of the most professional international real estate advisory and sales and marketing firms I have worked with. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in understanding the product they are marketing and the market they are selling into combine with a personal integrity and professionalism rarely seen in the property industry.

Besides these qualities, the owner of the company Mr Michael Bentley is a straight shooter.” David Stafford, Dubai.