How to Build a Portfolio

In this exciting Seminar, the author of the book

"The Non Resident's Complete Guide to

Australian Real Estate"

Michael Bentley takes you through all the steps, pitfalls, financing and

strategy behind the concept of

  "How to Build a Property Portfolio, and Retire on Four Australian



 Over the years, he has  refined the strategy and produced a system that will not only take care of most of the tax, but pretty much guarantee an income for life.

It is never too late to start and entirely possible to achieve this within 10-15 years!

 Best of all, the only capital needed is the initial outlay for a reasonable FIRST deposit to get started.

 Notwithstanding the fact that everyone’s idea of retirement is different,  the fact is you can achieve an outstanding income, tax free, by utilising his ‘ Four Aussie Properties Concept.’

 The seminar will take you through in detail how it works, what you need to get started and the precise steps you need to take.

And that’s exactly why this seminar will open your eyes like no other, as simply 

 1. Most people give up and don’t even start on the strategy.

 2. People are talked out of this strategy by ‘financial planners’ and other similar ‘head-in-the-sand’ advisors.

 Because they think ‘how on earth am I going to raise AUD$1.6 million in cash to get these four properties, and even if I do, it will still only generate me around $42,000 in income?’

 It is exactly this type of thinking that stops most people from ever starting!

 And it is exactly this type of thinking that causes only 5% of all Australians aged over 18 to invest in residential rental property, from a population of 20+ million.

 YES! 95% of the adult population are not property investors!


Some startling statistics

The following information and statistics has been sourced from the last two most recent ‘Survey of Rental Investors‘ from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Social Trends documents.

 If you can follow the statistics, it should be enough reason to attend this semainr and it will greatly help you understand WHY you should be investing immediately, and why you should continue to do so utilising the strategy Michale Bentley proposes in his seminar, or a variation of it that suits your personal requirements, objectives and cash flow.

 Let’s have a look at the statistics.

 As mentioned above, only around 4% to 6% of all Australian adults are investors in residential rental property.

 And of that 5%:

 -    a staggering 76% were investors in only one property.

 -    around 13% own just two properties.

 And just 4% own five or more properties.

 Remember, that’s not 4% of the Australian population (or at least the adult population) but is 4% of the 5% of the population that are investors!

 That means that in fact only a tiny percentage of the population are investing in residential rental property for the future.

 And yet historically is has been proven to be one of the safest and best long term investment vehicles.

So why are people NOT investing? To us it is simple. People simply do not know how to invest for the long term, for their future, for capital growth and rental income. Or they are being talked out of it by financial planners, accountants and well-meaning but ill informed relatives and friends. Just by attending this semianr alone, you will be in the top few percent of all people with the knowledge on how to embark upon building a property portfolio.

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