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"Excellent Australian Property Seminar"

New tax, financing and policy changes  have come  into effect in Australia. And more are coming. What will  be the effect on the property market?

-If you already own a prime property should you SELL or HOLD? 

-If you have been thinking of buying at some time in the next 12 months, this is what you MUST do.

-What is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, that hasn't been seen for decades in Australia.

Hear direct from one of Asia’s most informed experts on Australian property, Michael Bentley

About the speaker

"Your personal knowledge of all the Australian city property markets, plus the honest presentation, has helped greatly in us deciding on where to purchase”

"Your talk was GREAT!"   



“Thanks for the informative seminar. I have learned a lot and enjoyed every single minute of it.”  

Michael Bentley, Key NoteSpeaker, Australian property, SMART investment show

Join Michael Bentley as he uncovers what is likely to happen as a result of these new Australian Housing measure being introduced by the Government, and a brand new strategy which completely de-risks your investment.

  With 30 years high level experience in the Australian property markets around Australia, and author of 2 top selling investment books, Michael Bentley goes behind the headlines to dig out the real facts and research from many different and little known sources, so you can make an informed decision about the Australian property market.  

""We have been to others here, and found them to be very biased"

"I am writing to let you know both myself and my wife were very impressed with,  and greatly enjoyed, your impressive seminar yesterday"   

 "Very informative and factual"  

"Your talk was GREAT!"                      

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Michael Bentley

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